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The Music Department of College of Arts and Communication, Beijing Normal University has a history of nearly one hundred years. The history could be traced back to the Music Workshop founded in 1915; And the special Musical and Physical Education training program, which was established by National Beijing Women's Higher Normal College in 1920. The program marked the first of its kind in the modern history of China. In the 20s, renowned musicians such as Xiao Youmei, Yang Zhongzi, Zhao Yuanren, Liu Tianhua, among othershas taught in the program. After the 1930s, the program attracted well-known scholars such as Lao Zhicheng, Jiang Wenye, Shen Xiang, He Luting, Qian Renkang, just to name a few. In addition to experts from China, many foreign professors made their contributions to the development of the program. In 1983, the Music Education program of Arts Education Department was rebuilt under the leadership of the former department head Zhang Xiaohu. The Music Education program has then experienced a considerable growth. Today, as the music department of College of Arts and Media at Beijing Normal University, it has formed an advanced educational pattern which combines theoretical study, performing practice, comprehensive music education, and music pedagogy.


Thanks to the enriched multidisciplinary background of Beijing Normal University, the department has developed a complex teaching system with diverse teaching methods and a combination of interdisciplinary scientific research and teaching, creating a favorable environment for cultivating versatile specialists in art education. Teachers in the faculty graduate from internationally or domestically noted specialty music universities or music schools of comprehensive universities. Some famous musicians such as Yin Chengzong, Yu Runyang and Wang Yaohua, and many musicologists as well as performing artists from Domestic first-class professional universities serve as visiting or part-time professors in the department.


The Music Department focuses on Music Education major, with direction of Piano, Vocal Music and Instrumental Music. The major direction of postgraduate education contains Piano, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Music History, Ethnomusicology, Music Education, Composing Technique and Theory and Electronic Music Production. The faculty has stations of doctor of Artistic Theory that recruit doctor students majoring in Theory and History of Music and Comparison Foreign and Chinese Music Education. It is also qualified to receive musicology postdoctors at art postdoctoral research stations.


The faculty’s institutions of teaching practice and scientific research includes Audio Visual Room, MIDI Laboratory, Musical Performance Group, Music Teaching Research Center and Research Center of Chinese Film, Television Music, etc.


The main courses taught in the Music Department are: Chinese and Foreign Music History, Chinese Traditional Music, World Folk Music, Composition and Compositional Technology Theory, Computer Music, Music Performance Education (Piano, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music); ublic elective courses such as cChoral and Chamber Music. Credits include Artistic Practice, Stage Art Practice, Individual Concerts and Graduation Concerts.


The Music Department has been thriving to expand international academic exchanges. It has successfully held the Beijing Normal University International Music Week thrice, at which many famed musicologists and performing artists from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Canada were invited to conduct special lectures, classes and concerts. Teacher delegations of the faculty have paid several visits to other world-class universities and frequently attended academic exchange events. Students have been participating in many international communication and performances, for example, a joint concert in Indiana University. The department provides an annual program for exchange students of art major with internationally wellknown universities to broaden their horizons. It also is an active participant in domestic academic exchanges.


Cooperating with top universities within the country, it regularly holds academic conferences and research forums. Besides, it runs some ministerial and provincial-level teaching reform programs, and takes part in programs authorized by the State Council and other provincial and municipal social science programs. Since 2014, it has published a Collection of Essays of Teaching Practice and Academic Research, and a Collection of Essays of International Film, Television and Music Research three years in a row.


Currently the faculty’s scientific research and teaching rank fourth nationally regarding music and dance discipline. It occupied the first place for three consecutive times in “Zhujiang Bei”, a contest for university music education major held by China’s Ministry of Education, won the gold and a silver medal of the competition of vocal music performance of university students held by Chinese Musicians Association two times in a row, and also has done well in many other nationwide musical contests and events. Noticeably, in recent years the students excelled in international piano, vocal music and instrumental music competitions held in the USA, Japan, Australia and elsewhere. Every year a great number of students go abroad and study at famous art academies, and many of them receive international recognition in the professional field.


The Department of Music also plays a role as a think tank in social services. It has taken part in a program from 2015 to promote physical and aesthetic education at primary schools in Beijing. Its teaching and research efforts have generated fruitful outcomes that are widely acclaimed by both those schools and Beijing Municipal Education Commission.