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Department of Dance was founded in 2000, with the geographical advantage of Chinese capital and its rich higher education resources, it has long been in the forefront of Chinese dance teaching and research field. For the past 7 years, it has kept its place as one of the top 3 among dance undergraduate education nationwide.

At present, dance discipline develops in 6 directions, including ballet, modern dance, Chinese classical dance, Chinese folk dance, choreography and dance histories, which can independently cultivate dance professionals with undergraduate diplomas, Master’s Degree, Master of Arts Degree, etc. A great many of plays have been awarded prizes in both domestic dance competitions and abroad.



Dependent on the comprehensive background of culture and art education from Beijing Normal University, Dance Department establishes the modern dance education research system under the guidance of “open teaching philosophy”, advocates inductive teaching style of “teacher-oriented, student-based”, and stresses on integration of professional culture education with professional skill development for the purpose of cultivating dance creative talents of “four-in-one” senior type that is equipped with high cultural accomplishment, performance, teaching, choreography, and management.

In recent years, Dance Department unremittingly expands international relationship by inviting famous artists at home and abroad to the department for lectures and academic exchanges. On behalf of China, students here have been to the United States, Italy, Russia, Europe, etc for cultural exchange in the past few years.

Our discipline has a large number of well-known choreographers and young dancers. Choreographic works, like “Hai Zi”, “Ancient City” gain praise for wonderful performance in National Grand Theater and on other important stages. Aiming at developing strong professional skills with solid cultural foundation and creative abilities, Dance Department is intended to impart students with knowledge and capabilities to engage in dance art practice, market management of dance performance, dance education and theoretical research, so that they can be involved in dance teaching, creation, research, planning, management, etc in cultural units at all levels, universities and colleges, as well as art institutions.

Dance Department serves as a significant base for Chinese dance education to cultivate talents. It have cultivated a great number of dance doctors in first-level art discipline and enrolled postgraduate students majoring in dance and dance arts.