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The Documentary Center of BNU was established in 2006. It has inherited the century-old humanistic tradition of BNU and opened up a new direction of documentary teaching, research and creation. Professor Zhang Tongdao, the director of the Documentary Center, have been advocating the educational concept of where knowledge and action unite, and has creates a feasible path in professional practice teaching.


emphasing on both practice and theory, it has produced courses such as "Documentary Creation", "Aesthetics of Documentary Film" and "History of Documentary". Its students' works such as "The Little Princess by the Window", "Daguan Camp" and "The Separation of Love" have won more than 20 awards in international film festivals such as Sichuan International Film Festival, Amsterdam International Film Festival, Peninsula International Film Festival and Boston International Film Festival.


In terms of scientific research,  we are responsible for “research on world documentary brands”“research on the current situation and measures of documentary development in China, etc. In 2008, we hosted the  "Evans and China 50 Years International Seminar". In 2011, we hosted the International Documentary Master Workshop. Since 2009, we have been publish the Blue Book of Chinese Documentary Films-"Research Report on the Development of Chinese Documentary Films" annualy.


In terms of creation, more than 100 film and television documentaries (episodes) have been produced in cooperation with China Central Television, China Education Television and other institutions. The documentary "Xiao Ren Guo" has won the Golden Panda Award at the 10th Sichuan International Film Festival, and was nominated for many international film festivals in Korea, Finland and Iran. The TV documentary "The Secret of Growing Up" is known as the brand of Chinese children's documentaries, while "Classic Record" and "Film Eyes on China" have become the teaching materials for film and television majors in universities.


The Documentary Center of Beijing Normal University has been called the "Documentary School" by Guangming Daily, and has become a talent base and strategic research center for Chinese documentaries.