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China Art Education Institute of Beijing Normal University

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The China Art Education Institute of Beijing Normal University was established in 2002 and is the first art education research institute established by a top university in China. Members include professors and off-campus art education experts such as School of Art and Communication, School of Education of Beijing Normal University. The institute specializes in the study of the history and current situation of art education, explores the patterns of Chinese local art education, and studying the role and influence of Chinese education on art and cultural education.



With the academic resources of the first-level doctoral program in art discipline and Beijing’s key disciplines of art and art theory, and the full support of the School of Art and Communication, the China Art Education Institute of BNU The Institute provides an unique research platform for the art disciplines. It has became the core research and training base of Chinese art education. At the same time, the Institute participated in the 2011 project of China basic education quality monitoring Collaborative Innovation Center Collaboration Center, which is  headed by Beijing Normal University. With chief experts of the art education's presents, the institution is cooperating with fellow colleges and universities to carry out international exchanges and cooperation.


The director and academic leader of the Institute is Professor Zhou Xing (part-time), and the deputy director is Associate Professor Guo Biheng Guo Biheng. The Institute has undertaken researches commissioned by the Central Propaganda Department of the Ministry of Education and have received special letters of commendation. It's leader also serves as a member of the State Council's Art Discipline Review Group and vice president of China Art Theory. In cooperation with the Department of Art Studies, it publishes annual report on the state of art education and art studies. It also published a collection of research papers on art studies.