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Beijing Youth Create Film and Television Center

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As the first non-profit youth film and television creative exchange and trading platform in China, Beijing Youth Create Film and Television Center was established on January 9, 2014, jointly founded by the School of  of Arts and Communication of Beijing Normal University, the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture and Long Legacy Group, and established the "Youth Film and Television Venture Fund" in Beijing Normal University Education Foundation. It is based on the School of Arts and Communication, and its Executive Director is Professor Tian Huaqun.

The center relies on the College of Arts and Media, and its executive director is Professor Huijun Tian. The center focus on tapping film and television talent, gathering film and television creativity, building a training platform, connecting the market with the school, transforming the creative potential of young writers into market value, and thrive to have a international reputation. Different from other creative platforms, the Beijing Youth Create Film and Television Center has a even clearer concept and vision to implement of excellent works into practical operation and materialize those innovation into products.


Since 2014, the center has been using the Beijing College Student Film Festival as a platform to hold the annual Youth Script and Creativity Competition. It  selects outstanding works, support outstanding young creative talents. Beijing Normal University part-time professor Huo Jianqi, Gao Qunshu, Zou Jingzhi, Xiao Feng, Chen Xiaoqing and other industry elites serve as producers, guiding and supervise the production process. The center also works with visiting professor of Beijing Normal University and the Chairman of the Pusan Film Festival, Lee Yong-Guan, to expand international cooperation and promote outstanding young creative works to go abroad.


The first Youth Screenplay and Creativity Competition was successfully held in May 2014. The competition received more than 300 scripts for evaluation, and finally selected 10 winning pieces. The authors not only won high prizes, but also signed a script agency agreement with the center, which helps promoting the good quality works into the industry. Meanwhile, Hu Wei, a 2006 graduate of Beijing Normal University's College of Arts and Communication and a director who have won many international awards including the Golden Horse Award in Taiwan for his short film "Butter Lamp", has became the first signed artist of the center.