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BNU Asia &Chinese Language Cinema Research Center

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The Asia &Chinese Language Cinema Research Center of BNU  was established in September 2014. It is the first academic institution in China to integrate Asian and Chinese film studies. The Academic Leader of the Center is Professor Zhou Xing, the Executive Director is Associate Professor Zhang Yan. The Center invites renowned scholars from home and abroad to serve as academic advisors and invited experts.


The center aims to observe and study the history and current development of Chinese-language films, to examine the current artistic creation and industrial development of Asian films, to explore the historical context, theoretical construction, creative style and industrial mechanism of Chinese-language films in Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, India and Thailand, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan, and to compare the cultural differences, individual characteristics and audiences of Chinese language films in each Asian country and region. It is also set to do comparative studies for the  Chinese-language films of  Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong, to enhance its cultural soft power and the ability of oversea expansion, as well as provide more effective and value based suggestions for the future development of Chinese-language films.

With the support of the School of Arts and Communication of Beijing Normal University and its advantages of a profound humanities education and interdisciplinary culture, the Asia &Chinese Language Cinema Research Centers aims to build a team of scholars and researchers from China, Taiwan, Asia, and other Asian countries and regions with diverse age groups, to observe and explore the topics of history and current, art and industry, and culture and market of Chinese-language film as well as Asian film.


BNU Asia &Chinese Language Cinema Research Center is currently the only research institution in mainland China thatstudy the theory, history, industry and culture of Asian and Chinese cinema comprehensively, and will consciously carry the academic mission of Asian and Chinese cinema studies to go further. It helds international conferences with a clear theme and a global perspective every year or bi-annually. It also plans academic seminars of varying scale that focus on topics like film theories, histories,and industrial purchase restrictions, etc.