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Effects of Communication Laboratory of BNU

Release date: 2020-11-10 17:12:55 |Clicks:1457

Established in November 2011, Effects of Communication on Laboratory of BNU is an interdisciplinary research platform for public opinion analysis, film and television audience analysis, communication effect measurement and big data mining. The director of the Communication Effect Lab is Professor Zhang Hongzhong. At present, with CATI telephone survey system and other online and offline data collection tools, the Effects of Communication Laboratory conducts research on films, TV series, documentaries, digital media, public opinion, etc. Relying on the comprehensive disciplinary advantages and scientific research strengh of Beijing Normal University, the Lab has produceda batch of high-level research results that have been published in SSCI journals. In the last three years, there have been many papers published at top academic conferences such as ICA and AEJMC. Professor Wayne Wanta of the University of Florida, President of AEJMC, a renowned scholar specialize in communications, gave a special introduction of Effects of Communication Laboratory of BNU in the 2014 issue of the CCA.


The Lab also conducts international collaborative research. In 2012, it cooperated with Columbia University to undertake the specific data collection and analysis of the "China-US Mobile Internet Comparative Study". The Lab also studies applications such as film and television project validation and providing academic support for the film and television industry and other media industries. It has published a number of survey reports on film, media and art. The lab actively carries out cutting-edge research on big data mining on the Internet. For two consecutive years it has carried out mining and analysis on the back-end big data of Tencent Auto Channel, which is at the forefront of big data application in China.


The Effects of Communication Laboratory of BNU is also a research data incubation platform of the School of Arts and Communication of Beijing Normal University. It provides data for research projects in different projects and institutions such as Beijing College Student Film Festival, the Department of Film and Television, the Department of Digital Media, the Capital Institute of Cultural Innovation and Communication Engineering, the Documentary Center and other related departments of Beijing Normal University.