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With a history of some 100 years, the art discipline at Beijing Normal University is well known for its unique nationwide stature, long historical standing, and superior academic style. Inaugurated in 2002, School of Arts & Communication Beijing Normal University is the first comprehensive art school in Chinese tertiary education, covering various kinds of art, combining art with media, emphasizing on both academic research and artistic creativity.


School of Arts and Communication Beijing Normal University is one of the pioneers to launch post-doctoral research centers and first-level doctoral program in art discipline in early stage across the country. After national adjustment of art discipline, the school managed to set up more first-level doctoral programs in Art Theory and Drama & Film.

Besides, there are four first-level graduate programs, including Music, Dance, and Fine Arts. Of all the graduate programs, Art Theory and Drama & Film are among the firstlevel key disciplines in Beijing. Of all the undergraduate programs, Film is among the first-level key disciplines in China.



Initiated by School of Arts and Communication Beijing Normal University in 1993, Beijing College Student Film Festival has been held for 23 successive terms so far, which enjoys a good reputation and has a wide influence in the industry.

In 2016, Experimental Teaching Center of Art and Media was rated as a key experimental and teaching model center in China.


Based on our belief, that is, “Devoted to Doctrine, Based on Morality, Wander in Art, Rely on Humanity”, School of Arts and Communication Beijing Normal University provides undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, senior visiting scholars, and foreign students with a bunch of programs in art field accordingly. The school is committed to cultivating students in artistic creativity and art education. Students should be engaged in academic research and artistic creativity, and they should have a significant accumulation in social sciences and humanities. In addition, they should attach great importance to domestic events with a global insight.

Under the guidance, School of Arts and Communication Beijing Normal University is conducting “Animation Highend Talent Joint Training Plan”, a program supervised by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China, jointly run by Beijing Normal University, Communication University of China, and Beijing Film Academy.


Undergraduate majors include Drama and FilmMusic, Fine Arts, Dance, Digital Media Arts, and Calligraphy.


Drama and Film


The academic discipline of Drama and Film is the first qualified Doctor's Degree-conferring unit in Film Studies and the second in Radio and Television Art in the country.

It combines humanistic education with professional skills teaching. With the rising awarenes of the power of new media, it focus on cultivating both creative and theoretical talents for the industry.




With its hundred-year tradition of music education, the advantages of piano, vocal, instrumental and musicological theory education are prominent. We are recruiting doctors in art theory and music theory.


The course is designed to train advanced specialists in music performance and music education through small class teaching and the enrollment of doctoral students in the direction of art theory and music theory.



Fine Arts and Design Art (including Fine arts, Art design, Animation)


It has nearly a hundred years of art education history. Now recruiting doctors in art history and art theory. With its comprehensive and open academic atmosphere and the advantages of small class teaching, it focus on students' personalized development.






By making best use of the school's comprehensive humanistic background, the school has always been at the forefront of Chinese dance education and choreography research in China. Under the guidance of the concept of  "open teaching", it has became an important base for the training of new comprehensive Chinese dance education talents.






Digital Media Art (including Digital Media Art and Animation ) 


It is one of the oldest digital media art disciplines in China. We empower our students by cultivating both their cultural background and their international vision, developing their creative thinking, fluent digital media skills and keen industrial awareness.






Relying on the school's long history of calligraphy education and humanistic traditions, the school adheres to the academic spirit of Mr. Qi Gong and strives to train our students into advanced talents with humanistic sense and strong calligraphy skills. We are recruiting PhD of art theory and calligraphy history.